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Welcome to NeuroTalent Consulting!

It's odd knowing I am writing this the afternoon before launch. Right now I am working on this site making sure every detail is right, and in the next 24 hours it won't just be mine anymore. People are finally going to know about this. Look through this site and see what I have been working on.

I thought it would be a good idea for the first blog to be a bit about why I created NeuroTalent Consulting.

The autistic people that I have met in my life (which by now are many in number) are the most intelligent, curious, focused and wildly creative people I have ever met. Brilliant, the whole lot of them! And yet...

The current (estimated) unemployment rate for our community is 60%. That is how many autists struggle to find work. Now, of course there are plenty of autistic people with support needs that make traditional work unrealistic. And by the way, those autists still have extremely important things to say and should still be listened to, heard and valued. In fact, future state for this company will I hope have ways to create meaningful work in their lives as well.

But the majority of autistic people absolutely can work if only they had a handful of simple accommodations, a supportive team and last but not least, the opportunity.

That is what they aren't getting. Opportunity. That is what NeuroTalent Consulting is working to solve.

So welcome! And if you are looking for ways to create more inclusive hiring practices at your company so that you can get ahold of this incredible untapped talent pool, schedule a free initial consultation with me!

-Faith Saenz

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