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June 2023 Interview Course for Autists

Beginning in June we will hold our first Interview course for autistic job seekers. I wanted to take a minute to tell you more about what you can expect and if you aren't a job seeker, find out how you can help.

Our mission for this class is to equip autists with the knowledge it takes to be successful in the job search process.

The reason we aren't opening this class up right now is simple. We don't want to HAVE to charge autistic job seekers. We would rather find a way to provide this information for free. So what is our plan and where do you come in?

We are going to be creating a sponsorship program for the class. If you are able, you will be able to sponsor an autistic job seeker through the class. either by personally signing someone up that you know and love, or just donating the price of admission for any autist that signs up for the course.

There will me much more to come on this soon. We are VERY excited about this one, people!!

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Bryan Ogle
Bryan Ogle
Jun 06, 2023

I would love to volunteer for an interview!

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