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Talent Acquisition Process Consulting

Collaboration with your TA Leadership to Navigate Neuro-Inclusive Hiring

  • 1 h
  • $150 Hourly
  • Online

Service Description

Is your current hiring process specifically inclusive to autistic talent? Most hiring processes are formulaic and outdated, reflecting a host of unconscious biases that are “accepted” as the way to hire because it “has always been this way.” We can examine your hiring process to glean what works versus what is driving quality candidates directly to your competition. During consultation, we will look through your current hiring process and discuss whatever gaps in accessibility there may be, and what “tried and true” interview steps are actually hurting your bottom line. Next our specialist will deliver customized, detailed suggestions for improvement. These suggestions are customized to effect maximum benefit all within the realm of what is realistic for your current team, structure, budget, etc. Finally, we will build out an implementation timeline for each of the suggestions you’ve agreed upon as useful to your organization. We will actively implement the customized timeline your organization has approved, on your schedule, and with your caveats. We will remain partnered with you through the duration of that implementation, and will also request a new review once the implementation is complete. Nothing good happens overnight, and we intend to be your partners throughout the entirety of your transition. We are in it with you for the long-haul. Our consultant fee for this service is $150 per hour. Schedule your initial 1 hour consultation call for free today!

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