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TA Team Neuro-Inclusive Seminar

Working Directly With Your TA Team to Train on Neuro-Inclusive Hiring

  • 4 hr
  • $3000
  • Online

Service Description

One of our specialists will host this half-day seminar meant for your entire Talent Acquisition team to attend. The focus of this seminar will be to discuss unconscious bias, how that bias creates barriers to building powerfully-integrated teams, and how to actively incorporate diversity and inclusion into your talent-acquisition process, from sourcer through to hiring manager. This seminar can be a great way to wrap up your consultation with us, introducing our agreed-upon solutions as new processes to your TA organization, but it is also a great stand-alone experience for your TA staff. They can open their minds to the realization that neurodiversity can bring a differently-enabled perspective to everyday business decisions and processes, finding ways to streamline and make better things that have always been merely average. The focus of this seminar is the fostering of improved communications between the team and neurodivergent candidates. We will break down what neurodivergence means and why these mindsets communicate just a bit differently than neurotypical mindsets. Our solutions are unusually effective at luring in those brilliant candidates who are consistently marginalized in neurotypical settings. NeuroTalent Consulting knows, firsthand, just how hard implementing change can be when the team is already quite accustomed to a different process that is focused on metrics over the value of the candidates being evaluated. Business as usual. That's why we believe it to be important to take the time to instill a true passion for this in your staff.

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