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My Name is Faith Saenz, Welcome to NeuroTalent Consulting.

NeuroTalent Consulting is an autistic-led company whose mission is to bridge the gap in communication between neurotypical hiring teams, and autistic talent. We do this by  consulting on inclusive changes that can be made to their hiring processes, educating talent acquisition teams about autism at work and working directly with autistic talent to coach them through neurotypical hiring processes. 


Founder and Head Consultant Faith Saenz is a long-time veteran of Talent Acquisition. During her tenure, she's engaged with thousands of candidates, advised engineering leaders on diverse hiring and helped to shape the hiring process at tech companies such as Expedia, Uber and Twitter.


A few years into her career, Faith was diagnosed autistic. She spent the next several years diving head first into the autistic community. She became an autism expert and began ideating around how she can use her expertise to break down the autistic community's estimated 60% unemployment rate. 


Saenz sheds light on how organizations can leapfrog the competition by actively integrating autistic and other neurodivergent candidates within their organizations, creating teams of immense power, with a wide breadth of experience and scope. 


Saenz built NeuroTalent Consulting to help companies understand that autistic people think differently, not worse. They can be uniquely intelligent, creative, honest, integrious and hyper-attentive to details. 


Let us show you how your company can efficiently create space for autistic people to come and do their very best work for you!

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